“Les Legumes from Space” Chapter one

Les Legumes from Space

Book 1-Dillon

Chapter 1

The time was 6:45 PM, and Dillon was still at the dinner table.  His Dad was in the living room, his Mom had gone over to the neighbor’s house, and his younger sister was playing in her room.  Dillon had not finished his green beans.  He just didn’t like green beans.

He asked his Dad, “Can I leave the table now?”

His Dad said from the living room, “Not until you have finished your dinner, all of your dinner.”

Twenty minutes later, Dillon was still sitting at the table.  He finally began to eat his cold green beans.  He decided to eat two fork fulls and put one forkful under his napkin.

When the plate was empty, he said, “Dad, my plate is clean.”

His Dad answered back, “Now eat the ones under the napkin!”

Dillon wondered how his dad had known about the beans under his napkin.  He said, “Dad, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“OK, but don’t take any beans with you and go right back and eat the rest of your beans,” his Dad replied.

While Dillon was in the bathroom, there was a tremendous clap of thunder; well, it sounded like thunder, then a bright light like lightning.   The lights and the TV went out – a power failure?


He heard his Dad looking for the flashlight to check the circuit breakers.   Suddenly, the power came back on. His Dad said, “I have never seen thunder and lightning come from a clear sky before.” Dillon walked back to the kitchen.

He sat down resigned to finishing his green beans.  He lifted up the napkin and nearly fainted!  Two of the green beans were looking at him!  They had eyes, and a hand over their tiny mouths saying, “Shh.”  He could not believe what he was seeing.  One of the green beans said, “Don’t be scared, we will not hurt you.”  Dillon picked up the two green beans and put them quickly in his shirt pocket.  He quickly ate the rest of the beans under the napkin.  He called to his Dad, “Dad, I am really finished now, and can I be excused?”

“Put your dishes in the sink, and you can leave the table.  Please don’t take so long next time,” his Dad said from the living room.

Dillon put his dishes in the sink and rushed to his room and closed the door.  He took the two green beans from his pocket and put them on his desk.  One of the beans said, “Thank you for not giving us away to your Dad.  I am 007 and this is my partner 99.”


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