“Made in China” Original


Awadred Best in “Home” show Art League of Ocean City, MD, February 2017.

Judge’s Notes, by Leslie Belloso                February 2017


The theme of “Home” can be interpreted broadly, but for me, foremost, the word home denotes something intensely felt and infused with one’s personal history.  I also think of shelter, tenderness and love.  There are many wonderful pieces here that address these ideas; however, as these events go, I can single out only a few for ribbons, I wish had more.  I applaud everyone who submitted art—keep at it—that’s what all of us artists us do.  Keep learning and exploring.  Art is important, thank you for being a part of our art community here on the Eastern Shore.


So back to the show tonight.  The artworks that I have singled out are diverse—but what they have in common is that they held my gaze and made me think.  A few transport me to a very specific moment and place, as if I am in the artist’s home.  They are not only well executed, they are also specific and personal.  Other pieces I have chosen to recognize as honorable mention are more universal in their subject matter, but their choice—their interpretation—of what to call “home” resonates with me as a mother and as someone concerned with our attitude toward nature and our planet.


It is an honor to be able to share this experience with you tonight.  Thank you Emmy Challenger and Rina Thaler for inviting me to judge this show at this spectacular Art League.


“Made in China” by Fred Sponseller:  The color and design of this painting is fantastic!  The painter’s use of so many saturated colors—a cacophony of red, gold, green, aqua, purple—is bold.  The risk pays off here.  This is an engaging, memorable and fresh still life.  The choice of objects is intriguing (no apples here) and also feels personal.  What is in the box?  Decorating the surface of a dresser or table is like creating a still life painting.  I feel like I am visiting someone’s home and looking at a carefully edited display in their foyer or living room.  Florid wallpaper next to cool white marble.  Decidedly stylish and lively.  The painting makes me imagine the rest of the elegant home.  Note that the signature in the bottom right is an important compositional element (cover it with your finger and the picture becomes unbalanced).  A thoughtful and beautifully painted picture.



Size:  16″ w x 12″ H

Painted 2016

Oil on Board

Sold Unframed


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